1. Rebuilt 12v panel and installed new BlueSea PB-Series ELCI / RCBO distribution panel

2. Installed new marine-grade electrical wire throughout (where accessible)

3. New LED light fixtures in the cabin (Imtra Auckland with switch)

4. New access cover to bilge with new electric water pump and panel with a toggle on or auto for both pump locations

5. New Teak bulkheads (Main Cabin)

6. Removed and refinished Holly/Teak sole

7. Removed, insulated and refinished cooler

8. New SS motor mount with vibration isolation pads and insulated lid(Significant sound reduction)

9. New Samson 7/16 Low Stretch Line White, (MAINSHEET), 5/16 MLX Line Blue, (MAIN HALYARD), 5/16 MLX Line Red (JIB HALYARD)

10. New 1/4 Amsteel (LIFELINES)

11. Mast: Stepped mast and installed new antenna, rewired with marine-grade wire and new led anchor light. Refurbished steaming lighting fixture and installed LED light.

12. Topcoat: compound buffed and waxed top to bottom (Minor blemishes only in topcoat)

13. Bottom cleaning every month by Scuba Duba

14. Brite work currently 60% complete in refinishing. Will finish before the final sale. (There is a lot of teak on this boat!)

Sailing Gear and Motor:

1. Front sails, 150 North Sail (Used, good condition), 125 with reefing North Sail (Used, good condition) All Genoas are hanks!

2. Mainsail, North Sail (Used, good condition)

3. Rigging in great shape, the survey was done in December 2016 by Bahia Marine

4. Motor – Lehr 5 hp (Maintenance every six months at the local shop, Excellent motor and super dependable. Comes with two tanks)

Wilmington, California, United States

See listing for this 1980 Cape Dory 25 Sailboat from November 5, 2019